Project Timeline

Summer, 2008:  Project initiation.  Conception of the idea for the Peoplehood Index; consulting and execution process began.

November – December, 2008:  Pilot research for the general PI was developed, measuring connections between US and Israeli Jews using reciprocal surveys, conducted by Professors Steven M. Cohen and Ephraim Ya’ar.

February, 2009:   The Peoplehood Index was unveiled to the public at the Herzliya Conference.  Results of the pilot research were reported at the conference and in the general Israeli media.  (For a full report, click here.)

March –  August, 2009:
   Progress towards institutionalization:   (a) The project began operating out of our initial home at the Re’ut Institute in Tel Aviv;  (b) a project manager was hired;  (c) The project secured grants from the NADAV Foundation and Jim Joseph Foundation, which together with existing contributions will sustain the project  for up to 18 months.

August – November, 2009:  The first specialized deployment pilot research, measuring connections of Jews within a geographic community, was conducted for the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington (DC and Maryland).  The full report is forthcoming. 

November, 2009:  The Peoplehood Index was featured at the Jewish General Assembly in Washington, DC, at a Nadav sponsored panel on Jewish Peoplehood. 

December, 2009 – May, 2010:   The project’s goals for this next period are to synthesize a conceptual framework that will guide the PI going forward; based on that framework, to create a long-term plan for data gathering and analysis; to identify an additional two specialized deployments with operating partners; and to transition to a permanent home.  Work has started on all these fronts, but the most crucial of them is the first one, and here the discussion engendered by the pilot survey is invaluable.   The project has now initiated a structured process from thought leaders to elicit feedback and suggestions.   Such input is critical to the success of the project; the task is too challenging to tackle without harnessing the collective wisdom of the best minds.   This structured process is expected to last approximately six months, and guide the next stage of research collection and analysis.  At the end of this period the project is expected to find a permanent home.


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