Yoav Shoham is Professor of Computer at Stanford University, has served as the Director of its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and is the recipient of multiple academic honors. He is also a founder of several successful e-commerce software companies, a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, and is active in matters related to Israel and the Jewish world. In addition to initiating and co-leading the Peoplehood Index Project, Yoav sits on the board of NPtech, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the transparency and efficiency of Israel’s nonprofit sector via technology.

Nimrod Goor is a partner at DKLH Energy, an investment firm which invests in renewable energy projects as well as a partner at Precede Technologies, a cleantech technology entrepreneurship and investment firm.  Previously, Nimrod has been a founder and has served in a variety of executive roles in high-tech companies, including Model N and MedSim and also with Banner Aerospace, one of the world’s largest aviation spare parts distribution companies.  A graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, Nimrod has been active in various non-profit organizations in the US and Israel including the San Francisco Jewish Federation, AIPAC, Gvanim Association and Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School.   Nimrod spent seven years with the Israeli Air Force as a combat pilot. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from the Harvard School of Business Administration.


Zvika “Biko” Arran is the PCI Product Development Manager.  He was the founder and former CEO of Midot – the new Israeli charities’ rating service, a non-profit joint venture of Meitav Investment House and JDC Israel.  Zvika is a lawyer and received his M.PP. from the the Public Policy Graduate School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He was also a former fellow at The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute.  Zvika founded and was a board member of the “Nachshon” Organization – the Israeli Institute for Social Leadership, a one year framework for high school graduates. He participated in BCI – a one month gathering of young Jewish leadership from around the world at the Brandies Bardin Institute, California, USA.  Zvika served as an officer in the IDF National Radio Broadcasting Network (“GALEI-TZAHAL”). He was chairperson of the first National Student Council and a member of the Pedagogic Secretariat of the Ministry of Education.

Mireille Surowicz is the temporary project manager of the Jewish Peoplehood Closeness Index. Previously, she served as the Development Coordinator at the Metzilah Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought, and was at the Reut Institute, first as an analyst and then as part of the Development Team. Prior to that, Mireille worked for Yad Vashem. Before her Aliyah, she completed her MSc in Nationalism and Ethnicity at the London School of Economics, and her BA in Politics and History at Oxford Brookes University. During her studies, Mireille was very active in national and international Jewish student associations, where she has dealt extensively with matters pertaining to Jewish Peoplehood.

Anat Dotan Amar  Z”L. Anat was the project director of the Peoplehood Closeness Index.  She previously served as director of Friends of Meir Hospital, and as a Jewish Agency Shlicha to Sydney, Australia. Anat is a graduate of Columbia University & JTS, with a BA in Political Science and Talmud. She also has an MA degree from Hebrew University in International Politics. Anat contributes part of her time to under privileged Ethiopian youth in Sderot as well as empowering Bedouin youth in the Negev.